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Audio Shake Effect in Shotcut


Last Updated: 24-06-2022

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Shotcut has many amazing filters and pre-defined effects for you to use. Shaking the screen to create an audio shake effect is one of them! This filter uses the sound waves in the audio to trigger, and makes it look like the screen is bouncing, or moving, to the beat of the music. Its a great effect to use on sound tracks and other audio-focused videos.

For those that don’t know, Shotcut is a free and open-source software available on PC, Mac and Linux. If you are new to video editing or just getting started then we highly recommend Shotcut as your starting point. Its true that you may end up ‘graduating’ to a more advanced video editor later on, especially if you are planning to do editing full-time. However, for many that want to focus on creating their content instead of editing, it is perfect.

Before we start the tutorial, this post and the accompanying video expects an intermediate level of understanding using Shotcut. If you are brand new to the program, I recommend checking out my Shotcut Complete Tutorial (a free YouTube playlist!) Once you are confident with the basic tools and how to use Shotcut, then this will be a simple tutorial for you to follow.

Audio Shake Effect in Shotcut

If you have realised this is not the shake you wanted, then try out this article on shaking the screen manually (at any time throughout your video!) We also offer dedicated help for YouTubers, or people that want to start on YouTube. Check out our Ultimate Youtuber! course for more information.