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Create YouTube Playlists for Your YouTube Channel


Last Updated: 09-05-2022

Categories: Tutorial, YouTube

YouTube Playlists may be the most under-rated element of video SEO. If you create YouTube playlists strategically, it can help connect your videos together, like a spiderweb of connections. Which builds your influence in your given topics. And can even connect you to other creators, increasing the chances of appearing in suggested features and other areas of YouTube.

If you have a YouTube channel and want to get more views, it is well worth trying these YouTube playlist tips. Imagine if you create a YouTube playlist, it ranks in search and loads of people are suddenly watching multiple videos of yours in one go. That is the power of playlists on YouTube. And you dont even have to publish a new video to create one!

Playlists take no time at all to implement and could really help strengthen your channels positioning.

The video below covers all the things new Youtuber’s need to know, but also has a lot of playlist advice built in for established channels. So if you are new to YouTube or a veteran, consider following the video guide to ensure you are optimising your YouTube playlists.

This guide covers:

By the end of the video you will be fully informed and able to create YouTube playlists confidently.

How Important is it to Create YouTube Playlists?

Playlists are not the most important factor when ranking videos, but coupled with lots of other best practices and tactics, it can help to get them appearing in front of more people. That is exactly what you need when you are growing a YouTube channel!

Don’t forget! This video is part of a series on how to create your YouTube channel from scratch. If you want to watch the full playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1kUsYhOMret7bX5zDqtrVzgKu3i_W7T-