How to Show or Hide the YouTube Discussion Tab

Today we look at the YouTube Studio changes and identify how to change the discussion tab on a YouTube channel homepage. This is no longer as obvious to find, but quite easy to administer once you know how!

Follow this guide to learn how to show or hide the discussion tab on a YouTube channel homepage.

Step 1: Login

Login to the correct account and go to the YouTube Studio.

Step 2: Settings

Towards the bottom left of the screen, click the Settings button.

Step 3: Community

On the new popup box, select the Community tab.

Step 4: Discussion Tab

Now select the Default tab and you will see the settings to enable or disable the tab.

Step 5: Show or Hide

To show or enable, select Allow all comments, or a variation of this.

To hide or disable, select Disable comments.

Step 6: Save

Now apply the settings and it will act accordingly to how you have set it up.

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