How to Show or Hide the YouTube Discussion Tab

YouTube Studio changes regularly and has recently had a majour overhaul. Do you know how to change the discussion tab on a YouTube channel homepage? It is now a hidden feature that is still available but is not as obvious to turn on or off. This is no longer obvious to find, but easy to administer once you know how!

It is worth noting that this method only works for people with under 1,000 subs and if your channel has ‘safe for Kids’ turned off. YouTube enable additional features for people with over 1,000 subs and it turns into a ‘Community Tab’. As part of the ‘safe for kids’ rules YouTube block all chat features, of which the discussion tab is one of them.

Setup Discussion Tab

  1. Login to the correct account and go to the YouTube Studio
  2. Towards the bottom left of the screen, click the Settings button
  3. On the new popup box, select the Community tab
  4. Now select the Default tab and you will see the available settings to enable or disable the discussion tab
  5. To show or enable, select Allow all comments, or a variation of ‘allow’
    To hide or disable, select Disable comments.
  6. Now apply the settings
  7. The discussion tab will now show/hide on your channel accordingly

This can be a good feature when used appropriately, it can also attract a lot of unwanted and annoying spammers. Depending on your situation, you may choose to have it on or off, and I respect that. However, if I can persuade you to, keep it on. The more engagement your channel receives (even if its negative!) the better. By maintaining the page; commenting, engaging and having legitimate conversations (and removing the spam). These are all triggers to show YouTube you are worth promoting. And when you get to 1,000 subs, the jump from the basic tab to the improved community tab, is easy.

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