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Shotcut is our chosen open-source video editor. It is simple and intuitive to use. Great for starting and growing your skills.

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GIMP is our chosen open-source image editor. It is used for enhancing, editing and manipulating photos and images.

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Audacity is our chosen open-source audio editor. It is simple and helps create professional quality audio for your videos.

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Video editing made simple with open source software.
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Most Recently Published Guides

  • How to Edit Videos for YouTube
    If you only watched one of my videos, this is the one I’d ask you to watch! It’s about how to edit videos for YouTube using an open source software called Shotcut. It explains my simple 5-step process to create…
  • How to use Layers (Tracks) in Shotcut
    Learn Shotcut today by watching all the tutorials in my playlist. However, if you just want to learn about Tracks and Layers. Here you go!
  • How to Reduce Lag in Shotcut
    If you have been stuggling to use Shotcut, or you are experiencing issues in Shotcut. Try using a Proxy. This creates a lower quality video file for you to use and the preview pane generally runs much smoother. This video…
  • How to Zoom In and Out in Shotcut
    If you are just starting on your video editing journey then it is highly likely you are going to want to zoom in and out in Shotcut. Shotcut has several ways to achieve this, and in this tutorial we cover…
  • How to Add Text to Videos in Shotcut
    Are you looking to liven up your videos? Add some simple text to narrate the content? Want to make on-screen sub titles? Want to follow in the footsteps of your favorite YouTuber that produces great special effects and text transitions?…
  • How to Create Voice Overs in Shotcut
    Have you always wondered how to narrate over images or video? Have you got a peice of content that needs a voice over adding to it? Well you are in luck! Shotcut has the ability to create voice overs without…