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Shotcut is our chosen open-source video editor. It is simple and intuitive to use. Great for starting and growing your skills.

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GIMP is our chosen open-source image editor. It is used for enhancing, editing and manipulating photos and images.

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Audacity is our chosen open-source audio editor. It is simple and helps create professional quality audio for your videos.

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Video editing made simple with open source software.
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Most Recently Published Guides

  • User Interface and Layout of Shotcut
    Today we take a look at the user interface and layout of the Shotcut video editor. We dive into the main components of the interface and look at the main panels that make up the GUI. All of the elements…
  • How to Restore the Default Layout in Shotcut
    When you start using a new software package, you can click and experiment on buttons, accidentally losing the layout or moving items, losing them or hiding them from view. This can be very frustrating. However, if you do this in…
  • How to Add Video Clips in Shotcut
    Getting started in any video editor or with any new software can be daunting. In this video I help you to start in the Shotcut video editor by explaining how to add video clips to a new project. Step 1:…
  • How to Create a Project in Shotcut
    In this guide I will show you how to create a project in Shotcut. It assumes you have the program installed on your computer. If you need help with installing the software, follow my guide, How to Install Shotcut on…
  • How to Show or Hide the YouTube Discussion Tab
    Today we look at the YouTube Studio changes and identify how to change the discussion tab on a YouTube channel homepage. This is no longer as obvious to find, but quite easy to administer once you know how! Follow this…
  • How to Upgrade Shotcut on Windows 10
    If you are having trouble updating Shotcut or your version is outdated, try upgrading to the latest version. In this tutorial I show you how to upgrade the Shotcut video editor on Windows 10. If you have never downloaded Shotcut…