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Shotcut is our chosen open-source video editor. It is simple and intuitive to use. Great for starting and growing your skills.

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GIMP is our chosen open-source image editor. It is used for enhancing, editing and manipulating photos and images.

GIMP Website


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Audacity is our chosen open-source audio editor. It is simple and helps create professional quality audio for your videos.

Audacity Website

Video editing made simple with open source software.
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Most Recently Published Guides

  • How to Create a Project in Shotcut
    In this guide I will show you how to create a project in Shotcut. It assumes you have the program installed on your computer. If you need help with installing the software, follow my guide, How to Install Shotcut on…
  • How to Show or Hide the YouTube Discussion Tab
    Today we look at the YouTube Studio changes and identify how to change the discussion tab on a YouTube channel homepage. This is no longer as obvious to find, but quite easy to administer once you know how! Follow this…
  • How to Upgrade Shotcut on Windows 10
    If you are having trouble updating Shotcut or your version is outdated, try upgrading to the latest version. In this tutorial I show you how to upgrade the Shotcut video editor on Windows 10. If you have never downloaded Shotcut…
  • How to Install Shotcut on Windows 10
    You can install Shotcut on Windows 10 by visiting the publishers website and clicking the download button. It has an easy-to-follow installer and by default, has all the correct options selected for majority of users to get started.
  • How to Add or Remove Managers from a YouTube Channel
    To add or remove a YouTube manager from a YouTube account, ensure you are logged in and click on your Profile Icon in the top right. From the drop-down select Settings. Go to Channel Managers and select Manage Permissions. From…
  • How to Create a YouTube Brand Account
    As a growing business you may need a team of people to help you manage your #socialchannels or your YouTube account. This #video shows you how to change your channel from a personal account to a YouTube brand account. If…