New Website and Updates – 18072020

I hope you like the new website, over the last couple of months its what I’ve been working hard on. Mainly to improve the look and feel of the site. Let me know your thoughts!

Ubitronics Website
Ubitronics Website

Here is what I have been doing:

  • Defining our value proposition fully, to refine the website
  • New branding throughout, including wording on the site
  • SSL – yes, we finally installed it
  • Added a Pricing Page
  • Added Guides & Tutorials page and setup categories for articles
  • Setup mailing list and applied popup at bottom of screen – you should join!
  • Installed cookie/compliance notice the first time you visit the website
  • Added News and Updates page to show information like this!
  • Added Academy page in preparation for a members area
  • Removed some old / outdated pages and content
  • Setup basic analytics

What we still need to do:

  • Apply better styling to the Pricing page
  • SEO each page
  • SEO each category
  • Populate Guides & Tutorials page
  • Create images where placeholders are currently sitting
  • SEO primary tags
  • Develop Academy portal templates
  • SEO each post
  • Create video guides and content <– this is key!!
  • Add local directory listings to boost website authority
  • Create 3 year roadmap and 3-month timeline page to keep everyone informed

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for improvements, please email me [email protected] of give me a shout on socials!

New Website: The Academy Page

I have made this page in preparation for creating a member area, but it is very much in the early stages. This is unlikely to be available this year, but join my mailing list and you will hear all about its development and progress!

I imagine it to be similar to Udemy or Lynda. But much more affordable! So watch this space!