Ranking Videos on YouTube

I am proud to announce that we have been advising David Yeabsley on how to better rank his videos, obtain a higher click-through rate and retain audience attention. He has started to see better ranking videos and a small increase in his subscriber count and watch hours!

Ranking Videos on YouTube: Channel Results
Snippet of David Yeabsleys Ranked Keywords from VidIQ

Although Ubitronics do not advertise SEO and SERP any more, it remains our highest revenue stream in the business. We help clients rank videos on YouTube and boost blog posts and pages on Google.

Now we focus on providing videos and content of our own. We use our video ranking experience and apply it to our own work, correctly reaching the right audience. We also keep a real perspective of what happens when Google or YouTube change their SEO metrics.

Ubitronics are working in the trenches with you, not just giving orders on what we think is best because that’s what the academy told us.

Here is Davids latest video on the 4 stages of your career. This video introduces the module and explains what will be coming up in the class. It hasn’t had the best rankings, but it is a start, he had previously been struggling to rank for any tags.

The small changes to his introduction and standardizing thumbnails has improved two key metrics; audience retention and click-through rate. These small changes have seen him break-through into a very challenging niche.

To find out how Ubitronics are ranking videos on YouTube and Google, check out some of our other posts!

If you would like to see your channel grow on YouTube, or you would like to gain higher SEO rankings on Google, let us know and we will be able to help you.