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Shotcut Gradual Speed Change Effect


Last Updated: 05-07-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

Speeding up or slowing down a video clip can be highly entertaining and create awesome effects in your video. Shotcut has a gradual speed change effect that makes it look like time is either coming to a halt, or in fast-forward. Either way, playing with time-altering tools can add professionalism to your videos and enhance the visualisations of what you are creating. Lets work out how we create speed changes over time in Shotcut.

Shotcut Gradual Speed Change

To create a gradual speed change effect:

Once you have added the time remap filter you are then able to play with the settings to achieve the result you desire.

If you want to have a reverse effect, you need to reverse the video clip before adding the filter, this is deomstrated in this article.

When done correctly, the time remap filter can take a project to the next level. Stopping time, or making it feel like the environment is slow.

To get the most of out of this effect you need to consider the framerate in which you are recording and the export settings. Where possible record in a high FPS and export in a lower FPS. For example, record in 60FPS and export in 30FPS.

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