Web Stories by Google

Today we have been testing out Web Stories by Google. It is a WordPress plugin that may become very popular in the coming months. It is in public Beta and free for you to try on your WordPress blog today.

What is Web Stories?

Our initial thoughts are that it is similar to Instagram stories, but with a little more control. For example, you can set a timer to choose how long it takes to passes to the next slide. You can also add multiple links on one page.

The stories themselves are standalone pages on your website. But they are not viewed like a page. They can be embedded into blogs and web pages, and can appear in Google search. The content is shareable on social platforms and are being promoted as ‘snack able content’. Meaning that every story should be complete (not ending with ‘click here for more’), and in manageable chunks.

Google Web Stories templates
Google Web Stories Templates

Web Stories plugin for WordPress has a WYSIWYG editor that is very intuitive to use, as a creator you will be able to design good looking stories in 15-20 minutes. There are guidelines in place by Google if you want them to appear in search results. Make sure you follow them along with the technical guidance to ensure your story is legible for ranking in search.

Our Thoughts

We believe that web stories are going to be pushed more by Google over the coming months and suggest you keep a close eye on how they grow. Now that public beta has started it has potential to take-off. So, if you have the time, get designing, do some testing and understand how it works.

If you are still wondering what web stories are, we have embedded our first Ubitronics Web Story for you to see. Hope you enjoy it!