Who We Are

Ubitronics is a small, one person business based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. It is owned by Joe Cullen, who has vast experience in IT, SEO and Web Design. The business started as a hobby and has grown organically over time. Joe works in the evenings and weekends from home and operates primarily online through social channels.

What We Offer

To see full details of what Ubitronics have to offer, head over to the Services page. However, to give you a brief overview we specialize in producing content for Social Media. In fact, we apply these core services to our clients websites and social channels on a regular basis. We also document what we do in short, simple video tutorials. To see examples of our work check out the Ubitronics YouTube channel.

What We Do

Ubitronics take the stress and strain of media overheads away from individuals and small businesses, so they can focus on what matters; their hobbies or business objectives. We provide our core services for free and extended services at very competitive prices.

Why We Do It

Ubitronics started with the genuine interest of helping others learn IT and new technologies. This remains the same today. We aim to give back to the community in the hope that individuals and small businesses benefit from our input and ongoing commitment.

How We Do It

We have found that every customer has their own set of requirements, so we start the process with an informal chat, either online or in-person. If the services we offer align with your requirements, we can begin working together – simple really!

Wait. You said FREE!?

We work in the evenings and during unsociable hours, from our own home and IT equipment. We use open-source resources and operate with little to zero overheads. This is how we provide you with a free service. There are no hidden costs or ‘gotchas’. The trade-off is that we work in a fluid and flexible manner, not to strict deadlines (although we are very good at meeting agreed deadlines) we cannot guarantee a business service or high level of support that a medium or large business would expect.

What Now?

Well that’s up to you! The next step is your choice. If we can help you or you would like some more information, drop us an email, or give us a call!