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Who Are We?

Ubitronics is run by Joe and Catharine from their family home in Suffolk, England.

Joe Cullen

Joe Cullen

Joe has spent the last 12 years working in IT, from an assistant in a local repair shop to IT Manager at a large cooperative, until he decided to go full-time at Ubitronics in 2022.

He started tinkering around on YouTube in 2014 and soon learned how simple it was to grow a YouTube channel in any niche by following a standard procedure and best practices. He specialises in providing services for total YouTube beginners, focusing on the ‘How-To’ and demystifying what many people might view as a complicated process.

Joe has an MSc in IT and Computing. He enjoys being with his family and playing ‘The Claw’, ‘Cars’ and ‘Help! There’s a big T-rex eating me!’ with his 3-year old son.

Catharine Kyle

Catharine Kyle

Catharine is Joe’s partner. She works part-time in Ubitronics, splitting her time between marketing and mothering (one human and two fur-babies).

She has an eye for an eye-catching story and enjoys writing anything and everything. Although, if she had her way, she’d spend most of her time writing sci-fi and foraging for mushrooms, but Joe needed someone to write website content and Facebook ads, so here she is. Joe brings her tea to keep her sweet and lets her outside sometimes, so she doesn’t grumble too much.

Catharine has a BA and MA in Creative Writing and her favourite thing is to hike through the beautiful Suffolk countryside (her second favourite thing is Grammarly).

Ubitronics Mission

To help content creators and side hustlers use YouTube to start thier channel, rank their videos and grow their audience.

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