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Ubitronics aim is to provide high-quality video content for beginners to advanced computer users
on open source software. To teach individuals and businesses how to perform specific tasks and use open source software to its full potential.

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We work hard to ensure you receive high-quality training and advice for free so that
you can enhance your skills and knowledge of open source software
Check out our FREE open source software guides.

Latest Open Source Tutorials by Ubitronics

  • How to Install Shotcut on Windows 10
    You can install Shotcut on Windows 10 by visiting the publishers website and clicking the download button. It has an easy-to-follow installer and by default, has all the correct options selected for majority of users to get started.
  • How to Add or Remove Managers from a YouTube Channel
    To add or remove a YouTube manager from a YouTube account, ensure you are logged in and click on your Profile Icon in the top…
  • How to Create a YouTube Brand Account
    As a growing business you may need a team of people to help you manage your #socialchannels or your YouTube account. This #video shows you…

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Ubitronics Recent Updates

  • Web Stories by Google
    Today we have been testing out Web Stories by Google. It is a WordPress plugin that may become very popular in the coming months. It…
  • New Website and Updates – 18072020
    I hope you like the new website, over the last couple of months its what I’ve been working hard on. Mainly to improve the look…
  • Ubitronics Start YouTube SEO
    We have just agreed to do some YouTube SEO work on David Yeabsley YouTube channel. He is a motivational speaker that is launching a new…

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