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Open Source Tutorials

  • How to use Layers (Tracks) in Shotcut
    Learn Shotcut today by watching all the tutorials in my playlist. However, if you just want to learn about Tracks and Layers. Here you go!
  • How to Reduce Lag in Shotcut
    If you have been stuggling to use Shotcut, or you are experiencing issues in Shotcut. Try using a Proxy. This creates a lower quality video…
  • How to Zoom In and Out in Shotcut
    If you are just starting on your video editing journey then it is highly likely you are going to want to zoom in and out…

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Ubitronics News and Updates

  • YouTube Discussion Tab Removed 12 October 2021
    As many of you know, my most successful video on YouTube is about the Discussion Tab. Well, as of 12 October 2021 YouTube are completely…
  • Ranking Videos on YouTube
    I am proud to announce that we have been advising David Yeabsley on how to better rank his videos, obtain a higher click-through rate and…
  • Web Stories by Google
    Today we have been testing out Web Stories by Google. It is a WordPress plugin that may become very popular in the coming months. It…

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