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How to Add Images in Shotcut Video Editor


Last Updated: 16-02-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

When editing videos in Shotcut you may be wondering how to apply images over the top? In this article I explain how images can be used in a very similar way to video clips. I take you through everything you need to know to add images into the Shotcut video editor.

The easiest way to add images is to click and drag the image from your folder into the playlist. Watch this video to see how to do it:

Add Images in Shotcut

  1. Open Shotcut and create a new project (or open an existing one)
  2. Select Playlist from the options bar, this must be visible for the next step
  3. Navigate in a folder view (outside of Shotcut) to the images you wish to add to the project
  4. Select them and drag them into the playlist area in Shotcut
  5. Depending on the size, quality and amount, it may take some time to import all the images
  6. Once complete you can drag the images into your timeline to help create the video. They can have filters and transitions applied just like a video

I recommend using two different image file types;

These are both good file formats for images, generally associated with web design but also great for video editing. A JPG has slightly smaller file sizes but does not allow you to have a transparent background. A PNG on the other hand, is slightly larger, but does allow transparency. Depending on your requirements for your video, you may want to chose one or the other to show the image correctly.

If you have any questions on images in Shotcut leave a comment in the YouTube video and I will do my best to help. Also checkout the other Shotcut tutorials:

Shotcut Website: https://shotcut.org/