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How to Create a Channel Icon for YouTube


Last Updated: 08-04-2022

Categories: Tutorial, YouTube

Starting a YouTube Channel? Then you will need to create a channel icon!

It is important that you appear professional and consistent throughout social media and all the platforms you are on – this helps attract your audience as they want the best experience and value from you. The best way to do this is use a platform like Canva.

This video helps you create a YouTube channel icon using a free Canva account.

Step 1: Create Your Canva Account

You can find more information on how to create a FREE Canva account, however, if you are used to signing up to online accounts. It should be easy enough to follow along without any assistance.

Step 2: Login and Create a New Design

Once you see the dashboard, you want to click in the top right hand side where it says New Design.

Step 3: Make a Custom Canvas

The Canvas should be a minimum of 98×98 pixels. In the video I suggest 500 by 500 pixels. However you feel it is best to work. All you need to do is make sure the canvas is square, otherwise it will either distort the image or crop part of it during upload to YouTube.

Step 4: Create a Channel Icon

You have elements, text and images that Canva provide for free. You can insert these into your project to make a channel icon. Make sure anything you do is clear, because the icon will be very small when it comes to viewing it on YouTube.

Channel Icon
Channel Icon Example

Step 5: Save and Upload to YouTube

Save the file on Canva then download it to your computer (or device). Now go to YuTube Studio and upload your new channel icon!

For full details on how to do all of these steps, watch the video which shows you everything you need to successfully create a youtube channel icon.