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How to Find the Shotcut Version Number


Last Updated: 16-02-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

This is a simple guide on how to find the version number of Shotcut that is installed on your computer, and how to compare it to the most recent version available for dopwnload.

Finding the Shotcut Version Number

Open Shotcut and hover over the Help tab towards the top left of the screen. If you are on a lower resolution monitor, it may appear more to the center/right of the screen.

Next, go to About Shotcut on the dropdown list. Single click.

A popup box will appear and at the top of the box is the version number.

The video also shows you how to compare to the most recent version of Shotcut by clicking the Upgrade option under the Help tab.

If you do this, a small button appears under the preview pane, that allows you to click. This opens a web browser window with a link to the latest version release details, and a convenient download link at the top of the page.

I recommend you check your version of Shotcut and upgrade regularly to keep secure and able to use the most recent features in the open source platform. However, some computers do experience issues with Shotcut.

If you are unfortunate to experience bugs, head over to the Shotcut forums, its a great place to get help, and the lead developer is on hand to help everyone with the most technical issues. Whilst you are there check out the other posts in the forum. There is lots of other helpful tutorials and guides to specific issues. So much more then I can ever create on this site! Join the community to get the most out of the open-source software.

Let me know what you have used the Shotcut version number for by leaving a comment on the YouTube video!

Shotcut Video Editor: https://shotcut.org/