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How to Open Projects in Shotcut


Last Updated: 16-02-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

In this tutorial I show you how to open projects in the Shotcut video editor. You may need this becuase you have forgotten where the files are located, or just because its not very intuitive. Either way, you should be able to open your project by following this guide.

Have you been working hard on a project in Shotcut? Tried to open it the next day, forgetting where it is located on your computer? Or just simply unsure of how to open a project in Shotcut?

Three ways to open a project in Shotcut

  1. Recently Opened List
    When you open Shotcut you are presented with a screen within the Preview Pane, to start a new project. To the right hand side of this is a list of recently opened projects.

    To open the project double click on the project name, and it will load into Shotcut. This is the only method that you do not need to know where the files are located.
  2. File > Open File…
    By selecting File > Open File… and then navigating to your project. You are able to open the project into the Shotcut video editor. Because you are navigating through the directory, you will need to know where the files are located.
  3. Explorer View
    The last option is through the file explorer (or Finder on Mac). Navigate to the project in the explorer window. Double click to open it. Because Shotcut is the default app to open this type of file (.mlt) it will open in Shotcut.

These are the three key ways to open projects in Shotcut. Let me know on the video comments if you know of any other ways to open projects in Shotcut!?

Below are some helpful links to Shotcut and similar tutorials on this site.

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