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Default Layout in Shotcut [How to Restore the UI]


Last Updated: 16-02-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

When you start using a new software package, you often click and experiment on buttons, accidentally moving the layout or items, losing them or hiding them from view. This can be very frustrating. However, it is easy to reset the default layout in Shotcut!

The first thing to note is that experimenting with GUI’s and new software is a good thing. Its how you learn and improve, so do not be afraid to play around; come back to this video multiple times to reset the interface if you need to!

Follow this guide to restore Shotcut to its default layout.

There are 2 simple methods to restoring the layout:

  1. Click and drag manually, which can be time consuming and you may not know where things are supposed to go
  2. Or, by following the steps below to reset everything back to its original location:

The Default Layout in Shotcut

  1. Click at the top of the screen onto the ‘View‘ tab
  2. Scroll down and hover over ‘Layout
  3. Click on ‘Restore Default Layout

Its as simple as that! You will now see all the windows, features and settings return to their original locations. You can always move them around again or setup your preferred layout now that you understand what to do a little better.

If you do not like the default dark layout it is also possible to change it by applying a different skin. Shotcut comes with three built-in themes for you to choose. To change it, see my guide on Changing Themes in Shotcut.

Shotcut Website: https://shotcut.org/