How to Add Text to Videos in Shotcut

Are you looking to liven up your videos? Add some simple text to narrate the content? Want to make on-screen sub titles? Want to follow in the footsteps of your favorite YouTuber that produces great special effects and text transitions? Just simply wanting to add text to videos in Shotcut?

In this article we explain just how to add text to videos by using the Shotcut video editor. Today we focus on getting the text onto the screen and positioning it correctly. If you are looking for text transitions or key-frame tutorials, then check out the other video editing tutorials on this site.

There are 2 ways to add text in Shotcut, both presenting pros and cons. We will identify both methods today so that you can choose your preferred method. You may need to do a mixture of the two depending on the other edits you have already completed on the video.

Adding Text into a Video Clip in Shotcut

  • In your timeline, go to where you want your text to appear
  • Cut the clip at this point
  • Go to where you want the text to disappear
  • Cut the clip at this point
  • Select the part of the clip you want text to appear
  • Go to Filters
  • Click the Plus button
  • Search for Text:Simple under the video tab
  • A timestamp will now appear, to change this type the content you want to have displayed in the Text box in the filter screen
  • From here you are able to adjust a number of settings including font, size, position and colour

Adding Text to a Transparent Layer

  • Create a new video track by right click – add video track
  • Click on Open Other
  • Select Text
  • Click OK
  • Go to Playlist
  • Drag the Preview screen into the Playlist
  • Double click the new playlist item
  • Select Filters
  • In the text box enter the text you want on the screen
  • When finished, go back to the Playlist and drag into the timeline onto the video track (created in step 1)

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