How to Create Voice Overs in Shotcut

Have you always wondered how to narrate over images or video? Have you got a peice of content that needs a voice over adding to it? Well you are in luck! Shotcut has the ability to create voice overs without needing to install or use any other software. Its built right into its program and allows you to record whilst playing your video, so if you have already created the video, it is possible to narrate or talk over the top of it whilst it plays.

This can be particularly helpful if you do not have any other software to record with, or you just want to do it all within one program.

Create Voice Overs in Shotcut

  • Click on Open Other
  • Select Audio/Video Device
  • On the Audio setting, choose your Microphone
  • Click OK
  • Select Export
  • Choose MP3
  • Click Capture File
  • Enter the file location and a filename
  • Click Save

Your Audio is now recording!

When you have said everything you want to say, click on Stop Capture. This will finish the audio recording. The preview pane will go either black or white, and you will then have the option to use the audio. It has saved to the file location you used earlier, so its very possible to get back to the file if you need to. However, you can instantly use it by dragging the audio onto the timeline (or into the Playlist).

As a general word of advice, I recommend doing all audio recordings in an another program (such as Audacity). Audio programs are built specifically and designed to use and manipulate audio. Whist Shotcut does it very well, the tools are somewhat limited and if you have any background noise or reverb it is harder to remove it from within Shotcut. Having said, if I did not think Shotcut was suitable to use, I would not have made a tutorial on how to do it. Just be aware that the quality may not be as good as alternative options.

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