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Reverse a Video Clip in Shotcut


Last Updated: 22-06-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

Have you ever wanted to reverse a video clip, maybe even slow it down and add effects? If so, this video shows you how to reverse a video clip in Shotcut video editor.

Shotcut is a free and open-source software available on PC, Mac and Linux. If you are new to video editing or just getting started then we highly recommend Shotcut as your starting point. Its true that you may end up ‘graduating’ to a more advanced video editor later on, especially if you are planning to do editing full-time. However, for many that want to focus on creating their content instead of editing, it is perfect.

Before we start, this blog post and the accompanying video expects an intermediate level of understanding using Shotcut. If you are brand new to the program, I recommend checking out my Shotcut Complete Tutorial (a free YouTube playlist!) Once you are confident in the basic tools and how to use Shotcut, then this will be a simple tutorial for you to follow.

Now lets look at how to reverse a video clip in Shotcut. This simple tutorial explains how to create a reverse video or segment to ‘rewind’ the footage. The video provides a full breakdown and step by step guide:

Reverse a Video Clip in Shotcut

For more Shotcut effects take a look at my full Effects Playlist or sign up to the Ultimate Youtuber! service for next level help and YouTube support! We also post regular blog articles to help you grow on YouTube and develop your Shotcut editing skills.