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Shotcut Vintage Effect Tutorial – Create an Old Film Effect


Last Updated: 13-06-2022

Categories: Tutorial, Video Editing

This Shotcut vintage effect tutorial demonstrates how to create an old style effect on your videos. It uses a specific set of filters that make the video clip look old. The old film effect filters all do different things. You need to apply more than one to build up the effect. Each can be toggled to create the exact look required. The easiest way to demonstrate this is through a video (below). However, if you want written instructions then under the video is the step by step process. It guides you to create a vintage effect in Shotcut.

Shotcuts old film effect is helpful if you’re making a video look like it is coming from an old projector. It can also give your audience the feeling of going back in time. The vintage look and style of the video is one of the best effects Shotcut has to offer out the box. It is easy to apply and can be assigned to the entire video layer – or just a single clip.

Shotcut Vintage Effect: Key Steps

  1. Add the filter Old Film: Dust
  2. Then the filter Old Film: Grain
  3. Now the filter Old Film: Projector

Optionally you can also add:

  1. And the filter Olf Film: Scratches
  2. Finally the filter Old film: Technocolor

The end result will look something like this:

Shotcut Vintage Effect
Old Film Effect

You can enable the projecter filter to mimic an old projector, with a small shake with scratches and grain. As each of these effects are applied with different filters, you can turn each of them on or off depending on your projects requirements.

The last thing you may want to do for your project is make the clip black and white, this enhances the age and finishes the effect off nicely. To do that, take a look at my Black and White effects tutorial. Or take a look at our Shotcut Effects playlist on YouTube.