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How to Add Video Clips in Shotcut

Posted by on 17-12-2020 in Tutorial, Video Editing

Getting started in any video editor or with any new software can be daunting. In this video I help you to start in the Shotcut video editor by explaining how to add video clips to a new project. It is based towards beginners just starting out in their video editing journey and should help give […]

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How to Create a Project in Shotcut

Posted by on 21-10-2020 in Tutorial, Video Editing

In this guide I will show you how to create a project in Shotcut. It assumes you have the program installed on your computer. If you need help with installing the software, follow my guide, How to Install Shotcut on Windows 10 or you can head over to the Shotcut website. Shotcut is an open […]

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How to Upgrade Shotcut on Windows 10

Posted by on 02-10-2020 in Tutorial, Video Editing

If you are having trouble updating Shotcut or your version is outdated, try upgrading to the latest version. In this tutorial I show you how to upgrade the Shotcut video editor on Windows 10. If you have never downloaded Shotcut before, check out my guide on How to Install Shotcut on Windows 10. Step 1: […]

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How to Install Shotcut on Windows 10

Posted by on 17-03-2020 in Tutorial, Video Editing

You can install Shotcut on Windows 10 by visiting the publishers website and clicking the download button. It has an easy-to-follow installer and by default, has all the correct options selected for majority of users to get started.

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